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Tạo tài khoản

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The first step to using this template is to duplicate this Notion page to your own workspace. Click the button below to open the Notion page.

2. Bước 2

Then, head to your Super dashboard and create a new site using the public URL of your newly duplicated Notion page. Learn how to do that here.

3. Add the custom code snippet

Then, head to your site settings (gear icon) and into the code page. Then inside the 'Head' tab, paste the following code snippet.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://sites.super.so/aether/style.css"/>
<script src="https://sites.super.so/aether/script.js"></script>

And just like magic, you should now see the Aether template in your dashboard preview. There's a few extra quirks to customizing and making the most out of the Aether template, check the 'Using Aether' page to learn more ↓

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